Terrazzo Floor Polishing 

Maintaining your Terrazzo flooring properly is important if you want to keep its beauty and prevent spots and stains from appearing. When you engage in Diverse Floor Restorations, you can count on us to leave your Terrazzo floor looking like new.  

Our team of specialists is fully equipped to handle the task using our own set of specialised equipment and cleaning solutions.   

Terrazzo floors can last a lifetime; however, they still require regular maintenance. We, at Diverse Floor Restorations, have the expertise to help you with all of your Terrazzo floor polishing and servicing needs.  

About Terrazzo 

Unique among stone finishes, Terrazzo frequently incorporates marble chips of varying sizes and hues. To hold the pieces together, a cement base, or in more modern terms, a resin or epoxy, is used.   

With our Terrazzo restoration, polishing, and cleaning services, your floors will look as good as they did when they were first made.

Terrazzo Floor Care and Maintenance 

Natural polishing methods can be used to bring back the shine of Terrazzo flooring without having to remove expensive wax every so often. Naturally finished Terrazzo can be polished to a high sheen or left matte. Diverse Floor Restorations can fix, repolish, and restore your Terrazzo floors.  

Diverse Floor Restorations can bring Terrazzo floors back to their classic, high-end natural gloss state. You can count on us to restore and fix your Terrazzo floors with these great flooring services: 

  • Terrazzo Cleaning and Floor Care 

Terrazzo floors are beautiful but can be a hassle to keep clean and polished. 

It’s time to shine! Diverse Floor Restoration has a good solution – our Terrazzo Floor Polish. We’re here for you with all your flooring needs, from emergency clean-ups and deep scrubbing sessions that will have dirt popping up in no time. 

We’ve got everything covered, so stop worrying about what might happen next or who can fix it when things go wrong at home. 

 Terrazzo flooring is a beautiful and durable alternative for any house or business. It is composed of shattered marble and other materials linked together with Portland cement, polyacrylic altered cement, or polyurethane or adhesive system.  

  • De-sealing and Waxing Terrazzo Floors 

Even though each binding agent generates a long-lasting and simple tile, the terrazzo surface requires regular care and washing with specific materials to keep its gloss. 

Sweeping with a soft broom and dust mopping with a clean cloth is one way to remove dirt and debris from terrazzo floors daily. 

  • Terrazzo Restoration 

But to make your terrazzo floors look good, it is essential to polish them regularly. Terrazzo flooring polish works by creating a barrier against stains and dirt.  

The sealer penetrates the pores of the terrazzo, and the polish will give your floors a long-lasting shine. Regular polishing will help to prolong the life of your terrazzo floors and keep them looking new for years to come. 

  • Finishing Terrazzo with a Mirror-like Polish

 Before applying either water-based film coatings on top, it will last longer if you want fewer marks over time than there could potentially also exist.  An option where they might go down deeper into cracks where people usually walk without leaving behind anything whatsoever besides themselves. 

 Our terrazzo floor polish is so easy to use; apply it once a month, and you’re good for the whole year! Plus, we ensure that our product will keep your floors safe no matter where they are located. 

Would you like to thoroughly clean your terrazzo floor? 

Find out what Diverse Floor Restoration can do on removing dirt from inside or outside on these beautiful terrazzo stones.