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Myer Centerpoint, Albury

  • Project size: Approximately 2,500 sqm of Tarrazzo.

The floor of Myer Centerpoint in Albury had been stripped and sealed many years ago, but was due for another treatment. The client this time wanted a more environmentally friendly alternative, so engaged Diverse Floor Restorations due to our experience in this area.

We worked on approximately 2,500 sqm of terrazzo. All existing coatings were stripped off and surface honed from 200 grit up to a very fine 3000 grit. We also applied a series of penetrative chemical treatments to both densify and seal the internal capillaries of the tile to prevent staining and pitting.

Albury has a very high elderly population and had a number of incidents involving patrons slipping on the floor prior to our treatment. After our floor sealant treatment, the shopping centre had no more slip and fall incidents.

Services used:

  • Terrazzo polishing
  • Terrazzo sealing